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Our Heritage

At Zymeth, we are proud of our heritage of leadership with integrity. Zymeth is an industry leader, with an estimated Three per cent of the India’s pharmaceutical Export share. We are a company with a powerful combination of skills, resources and principles.

Headquartered in the India, Zymeth has over 155 employees, including around 55 employees as staff/technical persons and 100 employees as labour/workers.

Each of these Zymeth employees is strung together by a proud legacy of performance and principles.

what we do


Zymeth’s journey began with Lidocaine Hydrochloride Injections, A gold standard in the local anesthetic segment, were supplied in Guatemala – Central America.

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Zymeth was Founded in 2010. We got WHO GMP and ISO Certification in 2011 and Established Market in Central America and South East Asia.

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