Zymeth is a leading healthcare company established in 2010 in Ahmedabad City, India.

In the Export market, Zymeth’s journey began with Lidocaine Hydrochloride Injections, A gold standard in the local anesthetic segment, were supplied in Guatemala – Central America.

In the early years, Zymeth has supplied many consignments for hospital supply in Malaysia continuously. Zymeth has also filled registration applications for many products in countries like, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Honduras, Panama, Peru, Jamaica & Chile.

In the early 2012, Zymeth has explored the whole Middle East Asia market and stabilized many of its products in this region. Iraq and Syria became Zymeth’s top selling regions in these years. Zymeth has also supplied many consignments in Turkey, Jordan, UAE and Lebanon.

In 2015 Zymeth has shifted its Headquarter to the top most corporate area of Ahmedabad City. Zymeth has increased its strength, team and expanded business on the only unexplored country of Middle East Asia – Yemen. The Big Team and Big Work Place has boosted Zymeth work on a great level.

In the mean years Zymeth has set many of its key products like, Benzyl Benzoate Application BP, Tramadol Injections, Diclofenac Injections, Betamethasone Injections, ceftriaxone Injections, Brands like Lavica-M, Lavica-M Plus, Dentocan, ArtiDent, Angiwin, Docecan, Uribest, Esometh, Newberazole, Cetzet, Amloth, Zebatin, Rozeflex, Goslim, Vaygah, Amiko, Clofaron-O, Ciproquil, Calamine+, NewAge, Ketocet, Tarcylic etc.

At Zymeth we are continuously expanding our business, partners and product line up. We are always keen and adhere to our ethics in business and keeping up creating History.